Managing our environmental footprint

After energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste are the environmental impacts of most interest to our stakeholders.


Our processes are not water intensive, but inefficient usage represents a cost to our business and the environment so we are looking at ways to improve. We are reviewing our locations to identify facilities in water stressed regions and understand our water risk profile so we can prioritise our water reduction activities.


We aim to improve our normalised water efficiency metric by 10% each year.



We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we create, and to reusing or recycling the remaining waste wherever possible. Where disposal is unavoidable we will do so responsibly. Our waste performance data including breakdown by waste disposal methods and waste type can be viewed in the performance section of the website.


We aim to reduce our waste intensity metric by 10% each year.


Please see the performance section of the website for data and performance trends on our waste and water targets.


Performance data and downloads

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