Providing high quality products and services that are safe and fit for purpose

Product Safety
The trust of our customers depends on providing high-quality products and services that are safe and fit for purpose. Our robust internal quality systems reflect external standards to ensure this is the case.


Many of the products we design and manufacture contribute to keeping people and communities safe. Further information can be found here.


Flight safety
As the operator of more than 150 fixed and rotary wing aircraft from bases in Australia, Germany and the UK, flight safety is a major priority for Cobham Aviation Services.


We conduct all flights in line with global aviation standards. Our senior management team encourages a safety culture, and we employ dedicated employees who use robust Safety Management Systems (SMS) to identify hazards, assess risks, establish mitigation processes and ensure compliance with all safety legislation.


Our Australian operation has senior pilots in observation roles and devices to capture data that supplement our standard safety audit, reporting, investigation and training activities. Together these measures ensure we identify, address and reduce hazards and errors.


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