Our products protect people and save lives

The social applications of our technology are far-reaching and varied. Our products are used to protect people and save lives, to provide entertainment and to facilitate space exploration. They benefit society in a number of ways.

Aircraft safety and airport security: Our communication and surveillance technologies help more than 300 airlines to operate safely.

Life support: Every US shuttle astronaut and navy pilot depends on our life-support equipment, while our gunfire-tolerant oxygen cylinders mean war fighters no longer have to choose between safety and performance.

Space exploration: Our rotary joints, antennas and pyrotechnic actuators were fundamental to the success of spacecraft including the Mars Rover mission.

Bomb detection and disposal: Our Minehound dual-sensor detector can detect both metal and non-metal mines while our digital video technology means bomb disposal teams can disarm improvised explosive devices (homemade bombs) at a safe distance.

Entertainment: Our video transmission components have provided live video from skiers' helmets in the winter Olympics, and from the cockpits of Red Bull Air Race competitors.


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