Environmental Case Study

Cobham Antenna Systems

Project: £1.4 million energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Result: reduced electricity consumption by 9%, gas consumption by 70% per annum, plus considerable water savings.

Project: new on-site waste compactor.

Result: reduced landfill from 120 tonnes to 4 tonnes per year and saved approximately 153 separate hgv truck journeys.

Cobham Airline Services

Initiative: fleet-wide fuel-efficiency programme.

Result: reduced fuel consumption by over one million litres and decreased environmental footprint by over 2,500 tonnes of co2-e per annum.

Cobham Rgional Services

Initiative: aircraft water optimisation programme.

Result: water used on aircraft reduced by 25%, saving fuel burned by 20,000 litres and emissions by 50 tonnes of co2-e per annum.

Cobham Special Mission

Initiative: energy-efficient lighting installation.

Result: reduced carbon footprint and achieved financial savings of approx. £8,000 per annum with return on investment of about 2 years.

Cobham Microelectronic Solutions

Project: green team water savings.

Result: facility-wide communications and low-cost equipment upgrade saved over 1.3 million gallons and around $7,723 per annum.

Project: green team electricity saving.

Result: facility-wide communications and low-cost equipment upgrade saved over 313,884 kwh of energy and approximately $53,972 per annum.

Cobham Mission Systems, Wimborne

Project: paperless shop floor.

Result: estimated savings of 0.52mwh of power and £70,000 per annum, with a two year payback.

Project: car sharing scheme.

Result: in approximately two years, four employees sharing a 25 mile commute, saved over 25,000 car miles (enough to circumvent the world), more than 1,000 individual car journeys and an estimated £4,000 in fuel.

Cobham Mission Systems, Orchard Park

Project: carbon-fibre tow recycling programme.

Result: reduced carbon waste to landfill by 5,000lbs and saved between $3-5,000 per annum in collection costs.


Project: waste recycling.

Result: reduction in waste pickups resulted in savings of $29,000 approx. Per annum.

Project: installation of lighting controls on production floor.

Result: cost savings of $5,000 per annum


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