If an employee believes someone has violated our standards, we want them to tell us so that we can look into the matter and correct any problems.

How to Raise a Concern

The Code helps employees make an informed decision and describes what actions to take.  If employees are ever unsure about what to do or believe someone has violated our standards, there are a number of ways to report any such concerns. These include raising the issue with  a supervisor, manager, human resources or via Cobham's Helpline. In addition, a confidential internal email address is also provided to employees ( Employees may report anonymously, where local law permits.

Cobham's Helpline

Cobham’s Helpline is hosted and maintained by an independent third party.  Concerns or queries can be raised to Cobham’s Helpline online or by telephone in a number of different languages.  The online and telephone routes are also available for following up on initial concerns or queries.


To access the Cobham Helpline online, the secure web address is, where the employee will be asked to raise the concern or query using an online form.  To access the Cobham helpline by telephone, dedicated local in-country telephone numbers are provided.

These telephone numbers are published on Cobham's intranet Cobham Connect as well as on Helpline posters which are displayed at each site.  The telephone Helpline is hosted by a third party independent of Cobham who answers all calls.  Caller ID is never used and no effort is made to trace the calls. When an employee makes a report to the Helpline, a case is generated and entered directly on a secure server. Cobham is committed to maintaining confidentiality around the issue to the maximum extent possible. Details of any given case are only available to specific individuals within the company who are involved in investigating the issue.  The investigation is overseen by the Ethics & Compliance Working Group (ECWG). The employee is kept informed of progress during the investigation.

Once the investigation has been completed, the final report is reviewed by the relevant ECWG members.  Appropriate feedback is provided to the employee raising the concern and  remedial actions are taken as appropriate. For more information on results and actions taken from Helpline issues raised from the prior year, please visit our performance data page.  

Ethics Champions

Ethics Champions are appointed for each Business Unit.  Ethics Champions are trusted senior leaders who carry out a range of compliance activities, including acting as a “sounding board”, to whom BU employees can bring questions or concerns in confidence.  Some BUs have additional Site Ethics Champions specifically nominated to cover remote sites.

The Business Ethics & Compliance Committee (BE&CC)

The BE&CC is a sub-committee of the Group Executive and oversees the Cobham Ethics & Compliance Programme (CECP), the conduct of Ethics Helpline investigations and other ethics and compliance initiatives in each of the Sectors.  The BE&CC has a sub-committee, the Ethics & Compliance Working Group (ECWG), responsible for the day to day management of these areas. The ECWG reports monthly to the BE&CC.  The members of the BE&CC and ECWG are listed below.


Gillian Duggan (120,120)

Gillian Duggan

Business Ethics & Compliance Committee Chair 

Gillan joined Cobham in 2017 as EVP HR & Communications of Cobham plc.  Gillian was previously Group HR Director at Berendsen plc, a FTSE 250 company.

David Lockwood (120,120)

David Lockwood

Business Ethics & Compliance Committee Member and CEO of Cobham plc. 

David joined Cobham in 2016 as the CEO.  Prior to joining Cobham, David was CEO of Laird plc.  He has also held a number of senior industry positions at BT, Thales and BAES Systems.  David has worked with the UK Cabinet Office as part of the Cyber Security Industry Working Party developing the nation’s strategic agenda for cyber security.

David Mellors (120,120)

David Mellors

Business Ethics & Compliance Committee Member and CFO of Cobham plc. 

David joined Cobham in 2017 as the CFO.  Prior to joining Cobham, David was the CFO of QinetiQ.  David has also held positions at Logica plc, CMG, Rio Tinto and Price Waterhouse.

Chris Shaw (120,120)

Chris Shaw

Business Ethics & Compliance Committee Member and COO of Cobham plc. 

Chris joined Cobham in 2015 and became Chief Operations Officer in 2017.  As a member of Cobham’s Group Executive team, Chris is responsible for Operations, Procurement, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Engineering, Programme Management, IT, and Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE). With a background in both the automotive and aerospace industries, Chris previously worked for Goodrich Actuation Systems, and PSA Peugeot Citroen.

Stephen Powner (120,120)

Stephen Powner

Business Ethics & Compliance Committee Secretary and Chairman of the Ethics and Compliance Working Group. 

Stephen joined Cobham in January 2016 as SVP, Head of Contracts, Commercial & Legal of Cobham plc. Stephen has been a practising lawyer for more than 30 years, working in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong with (among others) Diageo Plc. Stephen has overall responsibility for the implementation of Cobham’s Ethics & Compliance Plan (including its anti-bribery and corruption programme). 

Mark Thomas (120,120)

Mark Thomas

Ethics and Compliance Working Group Member 

Mark is a practising lawyer who joined Cobham in 2011 as VP Legal & Compliance having previously worked in the aerospace division of GE and before that in private practice.  Mark is responsible for overseeing ethics investigations on a day to day basis.

Rachel Cass (120,120)

Rachel Cass

Ethics and Compliance Working Group Member. 

Rachel joined Cobham more than 20 years ago and is a long-standing member of Cobham’s HR Leadership Team, providing a vital link between the HR community and the Ethics and Compliance Working Group.

Although not a formal member of the Business Ethics & Compliance Committee or Ethics & Compliance Working Group, the Senior Vice President, Internal Audit and Assurance, is invited as an observer to the committee meetings.


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