Our SPIRIT values define our culture and demonstrate the key principles to be promoted and fostered in everything we do.

Safety - Provide a safe workplace for our people, ensure the safety of the products and services we provide and take care of the world environment  we live in.


Performance - Consistently deliver and seek to exceed expectations while improving what we do and how we do it.


Innovation - Create an environment to encourage new ideas, regardless of where they come from and have the courage to try, fail, learn and then succeed.


Relationships - Develop trusted interpersonal and customer relationship by listening, appreciating diversity, striving to understand, being inclusive and delivering on our commitments.


Integrity - Act ethically in all that we do, not only in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern us, but also in the spirit of ethical behaviour and doing what is right.


Trust - Be open, transparent, we say what we'll do and do what we say. 


Our behaviours set out in the Code, of teamwork, proactivity, inclusivity, customer focus, development, leadership, accountability and acting ethically at all times, underpin our values. 


Cobham's ethical agenda
 David Lockwood, CEO, states that ethics and compliance remains an important part of how we do business and drives the following requirements which form the ethical agenda within the Company:


  • Tone from the Top - recognising the importance of setting the tone from the top.  David Lockwood writes his introductory message in the Code of Business Conduct, emphasising the importance of demonstrating ethical behaviour. 
  • The Business Ethics & Compliance Committee oversees the Programme and regularly reviews any issues, the investigations raised through the Helpline to ensure they are carried out consistently, efficiently and independently.  The CEO and CFO are invited to attend on a quarterly basis to review the Programme and progress on ethical concerns raised. 
  • The Cobham Board receives an update progress report on an annual basis, including details of the annual plan and any suggested improvements made.  Members of the Board are able to amend, challenge or provide feedback. 
  • The Audit Committee receives bi-annual report on the ethical issues that have been investigated and the outcomes and actions taken as a result. 
  • The Group Executive receives and discusses monthly reports on ethics and compliance.


Ethical Leadership
Cobham's message to employees is that senior leaders are fully committed to embedding ethics and compliance into the fabric of business operations and they believe it is an important way to do business.  Encouragement is given to our management to live the values, walk the walk and not just talk the talk. 


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