Cobham's culture is to act ethically and with integrity at all times, protecting our reputation, shareholders, stakeholders and our employees.

Cobham has a reputation founded on trust, integrity and of "doing the right thing". To protect that reputation and to help us ensure that we conduct business fairly and honestly, we've adopted global standards, as the "most important thing we build is trust". 


Our Code of Business Conduct ("Code"), is the centrepiece of our commitment to ensure every Cobham employee conducts business to the highest standards of business ethics. 


The Code sets out how we can achieve our Vision by embracing our SPIRIT values. These capture the pioneering attitude that began the Cobham story and allow us to take pride in everything we achieve together.  Our SPIRIT values are underpinned by the behaviours we expect from all our employees: teamwork, proactivity, inclusivity, customer focus, development, leadership, accountability and acting ethically at all times. 


The Code can't cover every eventuality or challenge our employees may face but it's a resource for them to use when guidance is needed, to help make an informed decision.  Cobham offers a confidential Helpline for employees to ask questions or to raise a concern. 


The global business environment in which we operate grows ever tougher and presents us with unprecedented challenges.  However some things remain clear and constant. At Cobham we maintain a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of bribery or corruption.  Our culture embraces the principle of acting ethically and with integrity at all times. This helps our business and enhances our reputation, protecting our shareholders, stakeholders and our employees both now and in the future. 

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