Valuing our employees, making our communications count

Understanding the role of excellent communication is key to improving employee engagement. We want our employees to feel motivated, satisfied and fulfilled in their careers at Cobham, and contribute to the success of our business and to making Cobham a great place to work.


We all need a good reason to get out of bed in the morning; each of us wants to know that what we do every day makes a difference; and we want to understand the aspirations of the company we're working for (our Vision) and what needs to be achieved (our Strategy). At Cobham, it's not just about what we do, equally important is how we do things - these are the things that guide our internal conduct (our Values).


Our 2014/15 global employee survey told us that we hadn't done a good enough job of making this clear to our employees. So, at the beginning of 2016 we launched an updated company Vision, one that encompassed our diverse business and resonated with employees; we made our Strategy easier to understand and launched a more meaningful set of company Values.


We also know how important it is for employees to understand the part they play in the wider Cobham organisation; in a diverse, global organisation, this can be challenging. Employees at our Airline Services business in Australia for example, may not necessarily know what their colleagues in our Wireless business in the UK do, and vice versa. To remedy this and make our employees proud to work for Cobham, we created visually appealing communications with strong messaging, to illustrate that there is much to be proud of in our impressive heritage. And by sharing some of the great things we do across the business, we're provoking thought and inspiring employees to look toward our future.


Communicating with a large, global employee population spread across multiple sites, means that we place a lot of emphasis on site level communication and engagement efforts. Appropriate Group messages are communicated by local managers to their employees so they can be tailored and made relevant.


To ensure that employees also receive consistent and regular messages about what's going on in the business and to share our successes, we produce a number of companywide communications. These include our successful magazine, Update, which is sent to employees across the globe three times a year. The magazine is about Cobham people, for Cobham people and it's a great way for us to share some of the amazing things our businesses and our people do. In 2015 we also introduced a monthly employee email, Update News, which gives employees who have access to a company computer or mobile phone, timely news from across the business, including new contract wins, product launches, success stories and other important information.


But it's not all about what we want to say to our employees, we want to know what they think too. We run regular surveys to find out what our people think and how we can improve. This includes the company-wide survey we ran in 2014 in which we wanted to find out what employees thought about many aspects of working for Cobham.


The results helped us to celebrate and build upon our strengths as well as identify where we needed to make improvements. With the help of subsequent Listening Groups, in which we asked employees to help identify the root causes and solutions to the most important issues, we put together site-specific plans for improvement. As a result we have made improvements in certain areas; we are all still on that journey and we will continue to listen to and work with our people to make Cobham a great place to work.

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