US-California-San Diego
Date Posted
11 Mar 2020

JOB TITLE:   Processor I

LOCATION:  San Diego, CA




Performs a variety of manually value-added processes within several manufacturing areas which may include electroplating housing and connectors, chem-filming manufactured products, mark-up and touch up; processes follow established procedures within the traveler document; employee may perform and know at a minimum one or more processes within each of the areas in one of the following labs: plating, etching and/or chem-filiming, mark-up or touch-up; performs work of simple complexity tasks, requiring instruction on new tasks in one of the following labs: plating, etching, painting, mark-up, touch-up and/or chem-film.




A.            Plating lab:


1.         Receives raw material from machine shop (aluminum, steel, covar and brass); preps parts.

2.         Places parts on rack parts; perform the required procedures according to the traveler.

3.         Inspects plated circuits for defects; handles and works around hazardous chemicals.


B.            Etching Lab:


1.         Pulls raw material from shelf; preps parts for etching (clean, rack, etch parts).

2.         Applies basic chemistry principles for etching; uses one of the following seven processes: etchback, chem-milling; duroid plate with nickel plating,etc.

3.         Inspects etched parts; handle and works around hazardous chemicals.


C.            Painting, Marking, Touch-Up and Chemfilm Lab:


1.         Set up production Inkjet, Silk-screen and Off-set printer equipment; mark production units using the traveler document.

2.         Perform silk-screen process, continue with Off-set procedure; execute permanency test.

3.         Complete inspection on painted and non-painted parts using microscope; mix paint; use small paint brushes to touch up parts.

4.         Inspect dry painted parts and quality assurance for additional Touch-Up operations.

5.         Grind aluminum surfaces using scotchbrite, fiberglass pens or wire brush and grinding machine.

6.         Continue chemical conversion coatings on aluminum; handle and works around hazardous chemical.

7.         Inspect parts, and conduct quality assurance for mark-up, touch-up and chemfilm processes.


D.            All Processors:


1.         Use microscope for inspection of production units; obtain blueprints from satellite files for part production.

2.         Participate in safety training and actively comply with safety policies and practices.

3.         Improve and maintain 5S in your area; make suggestions for improvements.

4.         Participate in Lean/Six Sigma activities own work as well as events for other areas to enhance cross-functional problem solving.

5.         Collaborate in team meetings and activities, including SET team support as appropriate.

6.         Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


MINIMUM JOB QUALIFICATIONS: (The following qualifications can be acquired and demonstrated through experience, education and/or vocational training as noted or as appropriate.)


1.         No previous work experience, detail-oriented, good manual and hand-eye dexterity; high school diploma or equivalent, required;  

2.         Communication skills: ability to ask questions and rephrase statements to clarify meaning; ability to read and comprehend simple instructions; ability to read, interpret and comprehend complex written and verbal instructions, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); ability to communicate with quality, integrity and respect in a way that inspires others and encourages innovation and possibilities; proficient  English reading level to understand technical terminology used within the organization;

3.         Computer skills:  working knowledge of MicroSoft Suite with Word and Excel;

4.         Equipment skills: knowledge of proper and safe use of equipment, chemicals, tools, etc.; knowledge of procedures related to safety; ability to use spray guns and other devices, pressure tanks, fluid and air hoses, compressors, sanders, air and fluid regulators; ability to use respirators and other personal protective equipment;

5.         Chemical skills: ability to use different chemicals such as epoxy, polyurethane paints, primers and wash primers or other material as specified by military specifications; ability to work around chemicals;

6.         Math skills; ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all unit of measure; ability to measure using whole numbers, common fractions and decimals; ability to understand and perform decimal, fraction and metric calculations and conversion; ability to compute rate, ratio and percentage and to draw and interpret bar graphs;

7.         Time Management and organizational skills: flexibility and adaptability to changing priorities and assignments; ability to maintain confidentiality; ability to cope with rapidly changing priorities; ability to prioritize workload on a daily basis;

8.         Excellence Behaviors:   remain engaged, proactive and positive even in tough circumstances; own assignments and be fully accountable for their success; align actions, behaviors and conversations to what matters most; bring out the best in others and recognize the value in every person’s contributions; ability to work as part of a team.




1.         May be required to obtain and maintain security clearance, which requires USA Citizenship.










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Technicians & Operators
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US-California-San Diego
Radar and EW Microelectronic Solutions (REMS)
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