FM Video System Link Analysis

The following calculator provides a link analysis of an FM video system that is operating in an obstruction free Fresnel zone. This analysis provides link margin at a user specified range, the maximum range of the link and optionally a calculation of the Fresnel radius at a user defined point along the line of sight path.

Enter user-defined variables:

Default numbers entered, please update them per your system requirements.

Center Frequency: MHz

Transmitter Power: dBm

Transmit Antenna Gain: dB

Transmit Line (Cable) Losses: dB

Other Losses: dB

Receive Antenna Gain: dB

Receive Line (Cable) Losses: dB

Receiver Noise Figure: dB

Fade Margin: dB

Target Range: Miles

Results Link Margin at specified range = dB
Maximum Line of Sight Range = Feet
Maximum Line of Sight Range = Miles