Electronic Warfare (EW)

Cobham Enables Electromagnetic Dominance


Combining products that empower electronic attack and defense with technology and know-how, Cobham enables customers to fully exploit the electromagnetic spectrum.


Electronic Attack, Protection and Surveillance Systems 

Innovation starts with the building blocks of technology.  From components to subsystems, prototype to production, Cobham has four decades of experience providing antennas, RF and microwave components and subsystems that enable electronic attack, protection, and surveillance.


In the air, on land, and at sea, Cobham supports prime contractors and the government with advanced and disruptive technologies that enable system sensitivity and high power broadband solutions to outpace adversary threats.


Electronic Warfare Training

As one of the three electronic warfare pillars, electronic attack is a real and evolving threat to military forces worldwide. This can be utilised in a number of forms, from traditional radar and communications jamming through to false target generation. A key feature of our electronic warfare training service is the unique combination of Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft capability, high technology electronic attack and threat simulation systems and experienced crews. By combining military know-how with leading technology, we are able to provide highly effective and genuine simulations of real-life encounters against the latest airborne and maritime platforms.


Our Capabilities

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