The most important thing we build is trust


A Global Network of Partners, with Local Presence

Cobham SATCOM markets its products through a comprehensive world class partner network comprising of more than 200 official partners globally, ensuring that customers can find a qualified Cobham SATCOM representative just about anywhere in the world.


All our official partners are trained and have the skills to provide the best service to their customers, since they all take part in the Cobham SATCOM partner program. This extensive program offers technical training in products and solutions, service tools and support to all Cobham SATCOM partners. This brings significant benefit to you as a customer, because all partners have the right competencies to identify and meet your communication and application needs.


We operate an accreditation scheme designed to help our customers find a partner that is recognised by Cobham SATCOM as an approved and trusted partner. There are three different types of partner authorised to sell our products within a given geographical area:


Certified Partners

Bring considerable value to Cobham SATCOM products by being technically and solution oriented when selling our products to end customers. Certified Partners source products direct from Cobham SATCOM.


To qualify as a Certified Partner a company must be established in the market and present comprehensive technical skills and strong competence in delivering solutions.


Registered Resellers

Appointed by Cobham SATCOM through a registration and approval process but will source products from a Distribution Partner, who will also be the Registered Resellers main provider of technical support, service and marketing support.


Aero Dealers

Aero Dealers are appointed by Cobham SATCOM to carry out sales of AVIATOR products as well as bringing additional value in the form of e.g. engineering, installation, certification and support. Aero Dealers are factory trained by Cobham SATCOM to secure the best possible support for AVIATOR products.


Distribution Partners

Distribution Partners Carry out sales and support through an indirect network that can consist of both Cobham SATCOM official Registered Resellers and other dealers that may not be part of the official Cobham SATCOM partner network.


The primary role for a Distribution Partner is to hold inventory in order to supply its sales network with Cobham SATCOM products backed up with support, training and expert knowledge.

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