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Cobham Announces DMR Repeater Test Option for the 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set

Cobham announced the release of the DMR Repeater Test Option for the 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set.



This option enables the 8800 Series to test the transmitter and receiver of a DMR repeater base station. The 8800 Series is able to generate the signalling protocol that is necessary to "wake-up" the DMR repeater and cause it to start transmitting. The 8800 Series is then able to generate TDMA bursts that are synchronized to the signal transmitted by the repeater.


Cobham announced this new option as part of its exhibition at the International Wireless Communications Expo 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


"This enables the user to test the DMR repeater without requiring the user to put it into a special test mode," said Rob Barden, Director of Product Marketing. "It essentially emulates the protocol of a DMR radio, enabling the technician to test the DMR repeater in live operating mode."  


The 8800 Series can then measure the transmitter parameters of the repeater, including RF power, RF frequency error, FSK error, and FSK symbol deviation. In addition, the 8800 Series can determine the bit error rate of the receiver, by comparing the 8800 Series transmitted data to the data received from the DMR repeater. This bit error rate measurement can be used to determine the sensitivity level of the DMR repeater.


Price and Availability
The 8800 Series DMR Repeater Test Option is now available and can be ordered as Option 106. This option is field upgradeable. For more information about pricing, contact your local Cobham AvComm sales office by calling Cobham AvComm Sales at (800) 835-2352 or emailing


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