Training Courses covering the Protection of Aircraft against Lightning Strikes. **Next Abingdon Course date 10-12 October 2018**

Courses are given at least annually (usually during May) at Cobham Abingdon. These are three day courses covering the topics given below. Although the course is aimed at professionals working on design & certification of aircraft or aircraft systems/components, no previous knowledge of lightning protection is required.


Abingdon Course content

  • Characteristics of lightning, and its interaction with aircraft
  • Lightning parameters and standards applicable for certification and testing
  • Lightning effects on metal and composite aircraft structures
  • Damage and interruption of electrical systems by induced voltages from lightning
    • How transients arise in wiring, their typical characteristics, and how they can be minimised by installation.
  • Test techniques for the certification of systems and equipment
  • Protection of fuel systems
    • Avoiding ignition hazards in fuel systems, and demonstrating by testing, including use of specific diagnostics for hazard detection
  • Protection of antennas and radomes
    • Protection of dielectrics against puncture and reduction of transients induced on antennas
  • P-Static charging of dielectrics including windscreens
  • Simulated lightning testing demonstrations


Off-Site Courses

Courses are often also given at customer premises, as one or two day courses, sometimes with an interactive workshop added. The content of these courses can be targeted for the customer, and this approach allows more specific customer design and protection issues to be freely discussed.


Overseas Courses

Overseas courses presented by Cobham Abingdon staff are also organised by third party organisations, working together with local companies. These have been provided in Australia, China, India, Singapore, and South Korea.

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