High Voltage Lightning Testing of Antennas, Radomes and other structures.

High voltage lightning testing in accordance with most civil and military aircraft standards, up to 500kV, is provided at Cobham's test facility in Abingdon (UK). We are able to carry out high voltage initial leader attachment and swept channel attachment testing of airframe and ground infrastructure items of up to approximately 2m x 2m x 2m in size using our standard test setup. We are able to accommodate for larger test objects in special circumstances. Testing of small items is also able to be carried out using our high voltage Marx Generator.


Testing to higher voltages can be carried out with support from other test facilities.


Items regularly tested at our facility include, but are not limited to: aircraft radomes, antennas, windscreens, heavy duty cables and CFC or fibreglass panels. Bespoke test setups are used for each test series, with the facility to create unique test rigs on site.


Test photography may also be included in any testing taking place, with photographs of the lightning arc able to be taken, at multiple angles, remotely from outside the high voltage test area.

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