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Cobham’s facility in Abingdon provides comprehensive lightning testing services and consultancy.

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Cobham's comprehensive range of lightning testing and consultancy services include:

  • Wide range of testing services at a fully-equipped lightning simulation laboratory in Abingdon (UK). Mobile equipment also available for off-site testing at customer premises
    • High current testing to 200kA, 3.5MJ/Ω (10MJ/ Ω from July 2016) plus long duration B/C components
    • Full vehicle testing
    • Transient testing to DO-160G and other customer specific requirements
    • 300kV and 25kV ESD, plus electrostatic for fuels systems
    • 450kV HV waveforms on site, higher levels at subcontracted facilities
  • Consultancy on all stages of aircraft lightning protection design and certification through review, testing and analysis
  • Development testing to help identify sources of problems and design solutions, both for electrical equipment, structures and fuel systems
  • Computer simulation and modelling of lightning effects in complex structures and installations, including airframes, avionics and wind-turbines systems
  • Advanced in-house training courses on aircraft lightning protection as well as tailored short courses at customer premises
  • A newly commissioned electrostatic facility designed to determine whether hazardous levels of static charge can be stored on aircraft surfaces.
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