FliteLine™ Radio-communication and Radio-navigation Systems offer unparalleled capability: high-functionality, at reduced weight, and in less space than any other avionics suite.

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Suitable for fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms, our FliteLine™ Radio-communication and Radio-navigation Systems are in service with the U.S. Coast Guard, The Department of Homeland Security, and with Search and Rescue and Emergency Medical Service operators worldwide.  FAA- and EASA-certified, FliteLine™ is a complete suite of next-gen navigation and communication equipment for fixed aircraft and helicopters.


The FliteLine family consists of a VHF Com, a VHF Nav combining VOR, ILS localizer, glideslope, and marker beacon, a three-channel DME, an ADF, discrete control displays, and a Radio Management Unit:


Lightweight, Compact Control Displays

  1. Com/Nav Combined
  2. VHF Com
  3. VHF Nav
  4. ATC Transponder
  5. ADF


Powerful, Digital Transceivers

  1. VHF Communication
  2. VHF Navigation
  3. Distance Measuring System
  4. Automatic Direction Finding System


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