Cobham’s JetLAN™ AR252 enhanced vision solution is the ultimate solution for applications requiring complex image and data manipulation. Aircraft operating in degraded vision environments are perfect platforms for the AR252.

Helicopters operating in unfamiliar territory, under poor visual conditions, face landing and take-off hazards such as identifying and avoiding landing zone obstacles.  Flight safety during Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) conditions - brownouts, whiteouts, sea spray - may be addressed with Cobhams' AR252 enhanced vision solution

AR252 Applications

  1. Video transcoding and manipulation image data
  2. Sensor data collection, compression, and integration
  3. Image manipulation with GPS coordinates, providing real-time location information from live video
  4. 3D space rendering to transmit coordinate information over limited RF bandwidth resources and render a fully-detailed image
  5. 2D-3D real-time conversions
  6. Recognition of a still image to identify data points to supply indexing content to searchable databases
  7. Collision avoidance utilizing video sensors to warn of potential and impending threats
  8. Motion detecting and tracking
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