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Cobham Antenna Systems offer a range of TCAS antennas for airborne navigation and collision avoidance.

Cobham have a range of airborne navigation antennas designed for Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS).

Please click on the links in the table below. If you have a requirement that is not covered by the range below then please contact us for further information on our other products.

TCAS Antennas

TCAS Antenna Range


Part Number Frequency Power (W) Size (WxH) Description
 19-2100  1030 MHz, 1090 MHz 25W L 28.5 cm H 3.4 cm W 16 cm (Max) TCAS Antenna
 19-2020  1031 MHz, 1090 MHz 250W peak L 15.1 cm H 7.0 cm W 8.9 cm (Max TAS Antenna
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