Cobham Antenna Systems provides a range of highly efficient flat-plate antenna technologies covering 5 – 45 GHz, including all the main satcom bands from X-band up to EHF-band.

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Cobham Antenna Systems low profile, flat-plate antennas are ideally suited for applications where antenna profile is critical, affordability is a key requirement and performance cannot be compromised.  Flat-plate antenna designs use a range of printed circuit and waveguide technologies to meet the particular demands of operation in different frequency bands.


Cobham Antenna Systems offers standard products in a number of satcom bands and can also provide bespoke solutions to meet a customer's unique requirements.  Significant packaging efficiencies can be realised by incorporating filtering into the antenna structure and using the antenna as housing and heat sink for the RF electronics.  Designs which incorporate SUM and DIFFERENCE beams can also be manufactured for tracking applications.


Cobham Antenna Systems standard flat-plate antenna products can be accessed using the links below.  For more information on our bespoke design services, please contact Cobham Technical Services.

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