Cobham is the World’s leading supplier of Avionic-standard TETRA systems, with ten years experience in fielding TETRA in aircraft.

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TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is the World's preferred Government communications infrastructure. TETRA, a cellular, trunked communications system, is similar in architecture to commercial cell-phone systems. Many governments are implementing single, countrywide, TETRA infrastructures as their new digital communication system for their key agencies. These include Police, Ambulance Military, Fire and other government users.


TETRA delivers: Secure, reliable trunked and direct-mode communications, interoperability between agencies and the ability to send both voice and data. Interoperability is facilitated by the ability to make point-to-point calls between all users on the Network and through Talkgroups.


The TETRA infrastructure consists of: Fixed base-stations, Switching and Management Infrastructure (SwMI) and the mobile radios (Terminals).


The UK is a World-leader in the implementation of TETRA and pioneered the implementation of TETRA for airborne use. Cobham Antenna Systems' involvement with this work since the beginning means that it is the most experienced provider of avionics-standard airborne TETRA systems. Cobham Antenna Systems has supplied avionics standard airborne TETRA systems for a wide-range of Government users, in the UK and Internationally.


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