You trust Cobham to supply your aviation technology.

Why would you trust anyone else to maintain it?

The best known names in military and civilian aerospace trust Cobham with everything from satcom and onboard audio systems, to wingtip lights and clocks. They trust us with these high tech electronics, operating in the harshest of environments, because they know our products are of the highest quality. And they trust us to maintain them, because the same high standards we apply to our manufacturing processes are applied to services, repair and maintenance.



Part 145 Certification

  • ANAC
  • CAAC
  • EASA
  • FAA
  • FAVT
  • TCCA

Customer support and tech assistance

  • 24/7 AOG services
  • Tech support
  • Technical publication practical explanation
  • Service Bulletin Incorporation
  • Warranty claims adjudication 

Flexible Maintenance Solutions

  • Flat rate
  • PBH programme
  • Pool stock
  • Repair warranties
  • Extended support
  • Upgrades and trade in



Don’t leave your repair and maintenance to just anyone.

Cobham repair and maintenance stations are staffed by highly skilled technicians with access to the most up to date technical information and engineering data, delivering a level of quality and attention to detail that only an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) can.

Our people at your service.

Our people are among the very best in the business, working in an innovative environment dedicated to quality control. Factory trained and highly experienced, Our people at your service our technicians stay thoroughly up to date with regular training. We provide maintenance services to most worldwide commercial operators, delivering maximum value throughout the life of our products. We use only OEM components and factory test equipment to ensure the highest quality, while our ‘lean’ repair process reduces lead times.



Why would you trust anyone else to maintain it?

Ask us about Cobham maintenance and upgrades servicing

Cobham Cape Town
Westlake Business Park
2 Westlake Drive, Westlake
Cape Town, RSA, 7945
+27 (0) 21 700 7000

Cobham Rungis

35 rue de Montlhéry Silic
BP20191, Rungis
France  94563
+ 33 (0) 14978 6600

Cobham Montreal
4105 Rue Cousens
Ville St-Laurent, Montreal
Canada, H4S 1V6
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Cobham Troyes
5 Rue William et Catherine Booth
Troyes, France 100000
+33 (0) 32583 2201 

Cobham Prescott
6400 Wilkinson Drive
USA 86301-6164
+1 (0) 928 708 1550

ELTRA Services Beijing
Tian Zhu Lu No.8
Beijing Airport
Economic Core Zone,
Shunyi District,
P.R. China 101312

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