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Cobham’s CDM-451 Distance Measuring Equipment Receiver System is an all-digital DME. It’s fully compatible with FMS systems to include auto-tune operation.

Cobham's CDM-451 Distance Measuring Equipment Receiver System is a triple-scanning DME, providing ARINC 429 outputs along with analogue outputs for two displays or EFIS MFDs. 



  1. Simultaneous scanning of three ground stations
  2. 325 watt transmitter
  3. Continuous self-test, built-in diagnostics
  4. Burst-mode timing options
  5. Analogue outputs
  6. ARINC 429 digital data bus
  7. Weight: 3.6 lb. / 1.63 kg
  8. 2.40" W x 4.00" H x 12.95" L
  9. Power requirement: 27.5 Vdc aircraft power
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