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Cobham’s Flexcomm™ RT-5000 Transceiver delivers maximum interoperability in two configurations: Synthesised Guard and RT-5000.

Cobham's RT-5000 Transceiver with Synthesised Guard is an AM/FM multi-band transceiver that can take the place of six transceivers, covering 30-50, 50-88, 118-136, 136-174, 220-400, 400-512, and 800-960 MHz frequency bands. 



  1. 10 watts FM / 15 watts AM (nominal) transmit power
  2. 1.25 kHz tuning
  3. 12.5/25/35/70 kHz bandwiths
  4. DF interface
  5. Relay, simulcast, repeater capabilities
  6. Remote-mount for reduced cockpit heat & EMI


(Frequencies below 400 MHz use the RT-5000 "N" RF connector, frequencies above 400 MHz use the "TNC" RF connector.)

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