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Aircraft Instrument Panel Indirect Lighting (IPIL) is an innovative concept and technology for new, retrofit, and cockpit upgrades for NVIS compatibility

Aircraft Instrument Panel Indirect Lighting (IPIL) is a part of your NVIS upgrade solution for cockpit panel lighting. It provides a large and homogenous light with accurate dimming, providing excellent visual comfort. Its installation consists in fixing LED lighting plates under the instrument panel cap. Each LED lighting plate includes two identical and electrically-segregated lighting areas called UPPER and DOWN. The UPPER lighting area illuminates the upper part of the instrument panel and the DOWN lighting area illuminates the lower part. An integrated glare shield is used to minimize stray light outside the instrument panel, area avoiding crew distraction.



  1. Flat-panel LED technology
  2. NVIS-compatible GREEN A - MIL-STD-3009
  3. Easy installation
  4. Low power consumption
  5. Dimming precision
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