Cobham Aviation Services provides operational readiness training, including electronic warfare training, mission rehearsal, and target towing for armed forces around the world.

Electronic warfare training

Electronic warfare is a key element of military operations today. As one of the three electronic warfare pillars, electronic attack is a real and evolving threat to military forces worldwide. This can be utilised in a number of forms, from traditional radar and communications jamming through to false target generation. A key feature of our electronic warfare training service is the unique combination of Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft capability, high technology electronic attack and threat simulation systems and experienced crews. By combining military know-how with leading technology, we are able to provide highly effective and genuine simulations of real-life encounters against the latest airborne and maritime platforms.



Mission rehearsal

Armed forces are increasingly facing cost and logistical challenges in relation to staging realistic end-to-end rehearsals of complex and demanding missions. To meet this complex training requirement, we have developed a capability incorporating many of the enablers essential for successful high-end mission rehearsal. It is based on extensive experience working closely with armed forces around the world, a thorough understanding of the military ethos and advanced specialist knowledge of threat tactics, techniques and procedures.


Target towing

We can provide a suite of towed targets of varying Radar Cross Section, satisfying a wide range of customer requirements in the development, operational assurance and in-service support of air defence radars and missile systems worldwide. A range of target types are available for being towed behind our fleet of Dassault Falcon 20 aircraft, to suit various requirements for size and threat type.

Benefits of using Cobham towed targets include:

  • Full access to an industry-leading range of training scenarios
  • Bespoke pyrotechnic arrangements
  • Bespoke radar enhancement capability
  • Live Missed Distance Indication downlink
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