Cobham’s Air Traffic Display Systems are in use at more than 100 military and civilian sites across the globe.

Cobham Aviation Services' solutions enable Approach, Terminal, Surface Control and Homeland Defence in either fixed or deployable installations.


The systems integrate with Mode-S, Multilateration and Automatic Dependent Surveillance sensors to provide data display, safety nets, flight planning, data recording, remote transmission, wind farm mitigation and data fusion. The products are backed by an award winning support team and expert engineering capability.


Cobham's military customers benefit from a solution that has been designed to form an integral part of their air defence strategy both at home and in theatre. It includes the ability to track both cooperating and non-cooperating targets either in the air or on the ground.

Civil sector customers benefit from the optimisation of air traffic movement, both on the approach and on the ground, reducing congestion and maximising the airport's efficiency.



Naval radar integration and display


We provide terminal and approach Air Traffic Control (ATC) for the naval environment that is compliant with civil and military standards using its Radar Display System (RDS1600). The RDS1600 provides aircraft carriers and helicopter vessels with the same high quality ATC capabilities that are in use at multiple civil and military facilities around the world, supplemented with key capabilities for the naval ATC environment. The RDS1600 system is in use at more than 100 military and civil installations world-wide.  These installations include mobile military ATC systems for various land forces. The RDS1600 has also been selected as the ATC system for the new Queen Elizabeth Class of aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy.


Civil and military radar integration and display


We provide a solution for interfacing issues on legacy and future radar systems. RDSTrack is a solution for interfacing issues on legacy and future radar systems. RDSTrack is capable of interfacing to many different Video and Plot based radars simultaneously and outputting different combinations of these radars using industry standard formats such as ASTERIX. RDSTrack can be used for radar data transmission, format conversion and data fusion. These applications can be achieved simultaneously on a single box or distributed in a chain of processing to achieve more complex data processing.


Wind farm mitigation


We provide a solution forthe display of Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) plots using a Local PSR, Infill PSR and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) to mitigate the effects of a wind farm. This solution is a continuation of proven Cobham Aviation Services technology and innovation. It displays a single track per target, regardless of which radar or radars are tracking it, it does not display nuisance clutter from the wind farm and it allows the controller to deduce which radar is being used for the target's position on the Plan Position Indicator (PPI). The solution has received approval from the UK Civil Aviation Authority and is in operational use in the UK.


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