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Cobham Helicopter Services Announces Launch Customer

Chinese Rescue and Salvage announced as launch customer at the Cobham Helicopter Academy

Newquay, United Kingdom: Cobham today announced China Rescue and Salvage (CRS) as the launch customer for the new Cobham Helicopter Academy based at Newquay Cornwall Airport, Cornwall.  China Rescue and Salvage is China’s dedicated national maritime rescue and salvage force. Eleven students from CRS have commenced SAR flying training which will be delivered in Cobham’s SAR equipped AW139 helicopter, supported by synthetic training devices.

Cobham Helicopter Services Vice President, Duncan Milne said, “After over 20 years of successfully supporting aircrew flying training at the UK MoD’s Defence Helicopter Flying School, the arrival of the China Rescue and Salvage students at our own Helicopter Academy is a great moment that marks a new chapter for the delivery by Cobham of aircrew flying training. We will deliver effective and operationally focussed aircrew flying training, from basic to advanced skills, and special mission training including SAR, focussing on our overseas customers.  As well as beneficial to Cobham this similarly supports the UK international prosperity agenda, business in Cornwall and the UK brand”.

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