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Cobham Helicopter Academy takes off

Cobham’s new Helicopter Academy is launched and will provide globally acclaimed training services to new customers worldwide

This year, Cobham is thrilled to be launching its own brand of helicopter training through the newly-established Cobham Helicopter Academy. Through the Academy, Cobham is expanding the remit and reach of its world-leading helicopter training capabilities to provide solutions to new customers around the globe.



From comprehensive ab initio training, to the specialist skills required for search and rescue missions, tactical operations and commercial operations, Cobham provides helicopter training to Government Agencies, Military, Emergency Services, Coast Guard, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and Oil, Gas and Wind Farm Companies.


Duncan Milne, Vice President, Cobham Helicopter Services said "Cobham has been providing ab initio training, specialist flight training and engineer and support training to helicopter pilots, crew and engineers since 1997."


"Our instructors are among the best in the world - they are all British ex-Military, with considerable operational experience gained from the same demanding conditions that students may one day find themselves operating in.


"So whether they're effecting a rescue in an urban conflict zone, or delivering essential maintenance equipment and crew to a remote wind turbine site, our training makes sure they have the outstanding airmanship, captaincy, judgement and risk analysis they need to get the job done - professionally and safely," Mr Milne said.


It is this unique blend of military and commercial experience and expertise that really sets Cobham Helicopter Academy apart.


Cobham, approved by both RAF Central Flying School (Helicopters) and EASA, has been training helicopter pilots and rear crew to the highest standards at the UK's Defence Helicopter Flying School for over 20 years, including the provision of intensive aviation language training for international students. Now, for the first time, Cobham's niche expertise is being made available to a broader spectrum of potential customers around the world.


As an EASA approved engineering training organisation, Cobham also provides training for aircraft engineers and technical support staff to the highest standards, using modern teaching and training methods. This includes ab initio, type and on-the-job training, including helicopter familiarisation, Part 147 type A and B, for AS350, AS365, A109, AW139, Bell212 and Bell412.


Cobham owns and operates a range of specifically configured helicopters to match customer requirements, and delivers a premium training experience in a safe and nurturing environment that guarantees to develop best-in-class pilots, rear crew and engineers.

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Our services include helicopter aircrew and maintenance training, search and rescue, firefighting, medical evaluation, troop transport and platform support.


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