Mountain rescue helicopter training to safely carry out the most demanding mountain rescue missions, in all weathers.

Operating a helicopter in the notoriously challenging conditions found in mountainous terrain requires extraordinary skill, professionalism and discipline.


With people's lives at stake, only the highest standards of Search and Rescue training will do.


For the past two decades, Cobham Helicopter Academy's qualified pilot and rear crewmen instructors, typically with over 5,000 helicopter flight hours' experience, have provided Mountain Rescue training to the UK Ministry of Defence.


These techniques are used daily by the UK's Coastguard pilots, winch operators and winchmen, and UK military aircrews found them essential during operations in Afghanistan.


Our training courses focus on honing flying skills and increasing a pilot's situational awareness, to enable them to safely carry out the most demanding mountain rescue missions, in all weathers.

Mountain Rescue Helicopter Training Courses

These are examples of courses available.

  • Dry Hoist Techniques
  • Cliff/Urban Winching Techniques
  • Instrument Flying Techniques
  • Night Vision Imaging Systems
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Mission Planning and Search Techniques
  • Basic Mountain Flying Techniques
  • Surveillance Techniques
  • Instructor Training


Bespoke Helicopter Training

Using the considerable resources available to Cobham Helicopter Academy we can design, develop and deliver any training solution to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch to learn more.




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