Initial emergency services helicopter flying training that meets EASA & customer specific training requirements

Operating a helicopter requires outstanding skills, professionalism and discipline at any level. Add in the specialist capabilities essential for safely and effectively carrying out commercial aerial operations, and the standard of skill required increases considerably.


Cobham Helicopter Academy's personnel have provided initial flying training for helicopter pilots and rear crewmen at the UK's Defence Helicopter Flying School since 1997. Our instructors are all British ex-military with many years' operational experience. They are approved by RAF Central Flying School and EASA to conduct helicopter training.


Cobham can provide an initial training solution, depending upon customer regulatory needs, which meets either EASA or Customer specific initial training requirements.

Initial Emergency Services Helicopter Training Courses

These are examples of courses available.

  • Private Pilots Licence (H)
  • Commercial Pilots Licence (H)
  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence (H)
  • Aviation Language Training
  • Instrument Rating (H)


Bespoke Helicopter Training

Using the considerable resources available to Cobham Helicopter Academy we can design, develop and deliver any training solution to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch to learn more.




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To discuss your helicopter training, engineering and flying operations requirements, please contact us on: +44 (0)1256 316 116



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