Our instructors are EASA approved to conduct civil helicopter training for pilots and technical crewmen

Operating a helicopter requires outstanding skills, professionalism and discipline at any level. Add in the specialist capabilities essential for safely and effectively carrying out commercial aerial operations, and the standard of skill required increases considerably.


The PPL(H) provides a foundation of ability and understanding of civil aviation. Continuing training through Commercial Pilots Licence (H) (CPL(H)) and onwards will develop the specialist skills required to meet the needs of pilots, technical crewmen and support teams to the highest professional standards.


Cobham Helicopter Academy has over 5 years' experience as an EASA Air Training Organisation (ATO). Our instructors are EASA approved to conduct flying training for pilots and technical crewmen.

Civil Helicopter Pilot Training Courses

These are examples of courses available.

  • Private Pilots Licence (H)
  • Commercial Pilots Licence (H)
  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence (H)
  • AS350 Type Rating/Recurrent
  • AW109 Type Rating/Recurrent
  • AW139 Type Rating/Recurrent
  • AW139 Type Rating Instructor (H)
  • AS350 Flight Instructor Course (H)
  • Instrument Rating (H)
  • Night Vision Imaging Systems
  • Helicopter Hoist Operations
  • Multi Crew Cooperation
  • Crew Resource Management/ Trainers


Bespoke Helicopter Training

Using the considerable resources available to Cobham Helicopter Academy we can design, develop and deliver any training solution to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch to learn more.




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