Cobham provides high performance transmit receive (T/R) modules which offer high gain, excellent VSWR, a low noise figure and fast switching for a variety of phased array radar applications.

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  • Low power
  • L-band to Ka-band solutions
  • Narrowband and broadband
  • High reliability
  • High speed
  • Multiple interface options
  • Long life


Enabling Technology:


  • Custom ultra-wideband mixers
  • Discrete and MMIC amplifiers and switches
  • Custom designed filters
  • FPGA - state machine managed
  • Active temperature compensation
  • Wideband threshold and BIT detectors
  • DDS controlled synthesizers


Unique packaging techniques allow for high circuit density, high isolation, excellent thermal management, small size, and low weight. 


3U FF DDS Based Synthesizer     Low Cost Transceiver    Wideband Transceiver

3U Form Factor DDS Based Synthesizer, Low Cost Transceiver, and Wideband Transceiver

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