Cobham military off the shelf software based gimbal motion controls are available in a variety of formats and mechanical packages, including custom packaging within the stabilised gimbal system.

Cobham gimbal motion controls consist of the SPS-2722 Servo Digital Controls and SPS-2840 Micro Digital Controls. The SPS-2722 is designed for commercial applications and the SPS-2840 is designed for military applications. Our gimbal motion controls are available in a variety of formats - VME, PC-104 or custom control cards. The gimbal motion controls are common across the entire stabilised gimbal system product line.

Available packages include Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), National Electronics Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or Air Transport Rack (ATR) housings, or custom packaged within the stabilised gimbal system.  

The architecture utilizes Industrial Pack (IP) modules to implement a wide variety of interfaces and features including: Analogue to Digital (A/D) and Digital to Analogue (D/A) converters; Resolver to Digital (R/D) converters; digital and analog Input Output (I/O) interfaces; Inter-range instrumentation group (IRIG) timing, auto video tracking; and communications interfaces such as RS-422/232, RS-485, Ethernet, and other common communication formats.

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