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Cobham provides a variety of RF and Microwave components (and subsystems) for Test and Measurement Applications for radar, instrumentation, and communications.

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Cobham’s RF and Microwave components product offering to the Test and Measurement market include:

  • Attenuators, dividers and splitters used for padding, power splitting, power combining, and source leveling, typically in the 500 MHz to 18 GHz range
  • Detectors in the 100 MHz – 20 GHz range offer flat frequency response versus frequency
  • Limiters in the 100 kHz – 18 GHz range protect sensitive receivers from high power
    • Cobham’s limiters offer superior broadband input protection from RF power surges, DC transients and static discharge, protecting the input circuitry of expensive spectrum analyzers and frequency counters from unintentional inputs and damage
  • Switches with exceptionally high isolation with ultra-fast switching in the 10 MHz to 18 GHz range for automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Phase shifters in the 250 MHz to 10 GHz range used for shifting phase in test equipment

Performance Advantages:

  • Low insertion loss and VSWR
  • High directivity
  • High CW power handling
  • High isolation
  • High Sensitivity



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