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Cobham provides commercial and MIL-grade RF and microwave components for radar, EW, missile, CNI, in systems such as Thaad, AEGIS, Air & Missile Defense Radar (AMDR), Patriot and Lynx.

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Cobham offers an array of active and passive RF & Microwave components for defense and commercial applications.

Products include:

  • Attenuators, couplers and dividers typically in the 500 MHz to 18 GHz range
  • Detectors in the 100 MHz – 20 GHz
  • Limiters in the 100 kHz – 18 GHz range
  • Phase shifters in the 250 MHz to 10 GHz range
  • Switches in the 10 MHz to 18 GHz range 

Performance Advantages:

  • Low insertion loss and VSWR
  • High directivity
  • High CW power handling
  • High isolation
  • High Sensitivity



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