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#391 - Cobham Awarded DARPA Soldier Radio Contract Worth More Than US$13 Million

LOWELL, Massachusetts – Cobham has received a DARPA contract worth more than US$13 million to develop a highly-capable, cost-effective military radio for use by ground personnel, leveraging investments previously made by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under the Wireless Network after Next (WNaN) program.  


This program, known as Advanced Wireless Networks for the Soldier (AWNS), will develop innovations for individual soldier networked radio nodes and integrate them with commercial state-of-the-art data devices and services to create an advanced Soldier Information System (SIS). The Air Force Research Laboratory is the contracting agency for this program. The program’s period of performance runs through May 2013. 


AWNS will integrate commercial manufacturing products, applications, and components with high-assurance military communications technology, using the cost-effective WNaN radio as the base platform. Advanced technologies will be integrated onto this platform to improve performance, compatibility, and connectivity with external systems, and provide the soldiers with advanced network based services and applications. 


To date, Cobham has received WNaN radio-related contracts totalling approximately US$48 million.

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