Cobham is the premier RF partner for a wide variety of missiles such as the AIM-120, AIM-9, RIM-156, RIM-161, RIM-162, RIM-174, MIM-104, BGM-71, AGM-88, and others. Excellent performance packaged into tight form factors and unsurpassed on time delivery.

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Microelectronic Solutions Missile Capabilities Brochure

Performance Advantages:

  • Multi-Channel, Multi-band
  • Tight Gain/Phase Matching-Tracking
  • Unparalleled Spurious Suppression
  • Integrated High Power Limiter Protection
  • Saturation Detection
  • Fast Switching
  • Low Phase Noise

Theatre Capabilities:

  • Gun hard
  • High Altitude
  • High Electronic Clutter
  • Wide Temperature Ranges
  • Salt Fog Protection


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