Cobham's Electronic Warfare Support (ES) products and services provide an operational commander the ability to search for, intercept, identify, and locate or localize sources of intentional and unintentional radiated ElectroMagnetic (EM) energy.

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The purpose of Cobham's Electronic Surveillance products and services is immediate threat recognition, targeting, and other tactical actions such as threat avoidance and homing.


However, the same assets and resources that are tasked with Electronic Surveillance can simultaneously collect intelligence that meets other requirements.   Cobham's ES products and services include equipment that can be used for Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) - the process of analyzing and identifying intercepted frequencies (e.g. as a mobile phone or RADAR) and identifying frequency, bandwidth, modulation, polarization, etc.


Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions has developed and deployed Electronic Surveillance Subsystems on multiple fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, attack class submarines, missiles and ground mobile vehicles. 


Cobham works as a full partner with system prime contractors to assure that the best value solutions are provided to meet system requirements.  The expertise encompasses vehicle integration for optimum installed performance, modeling and simulation for design optimization, and superior design capability in all radome, antenna and RF components.


Electronic Surveillance and Radar Warning Receiver Subsystems


Electronic Surveillance Multi-Channel Receivers


Electronic Surveillance Antenna Suites

Antenna suites provide Precision Direction Finding and Threat Warning for high performance tactical aircraft.

  • mmW Converters & Chassis for N-Channel DF
  • MW and mmW DF arrays and receiver electronics with radomes
  • Small autonomous ELINT payload packages for collection and recording
  • ESA and wideband AESA technology spanning 1-40 GHz
  • Highly integrated Amp/Phase DF arrays and subsystems with signal processing
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