Removing the Soldier from Threat

During November and December, Cobham have been taking part in the Army Warfighting Experiment. During the exercise, codenamed Exercise Autonomous Warrior, Cobham have been invited to put our equipment in the hands of soldiers and engineers to test our products in the toughest of simulated combat environments.

As part of this exercise, Cobham have been trialing our Amulet Unmanned Air Systems. The Amulet UAS is equipped with a Ground Penetrating Radar or the detection of buried Land Mines and Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDs]. A graphical Information System provides the operator with a map of the threats as they are located.

The system significantly increases the tempo of a mine field breath operation, being an order of magnitude faster than hand held search. The system itself is covert and remote, reducing the risk of harm to the soldier whilst offering standoff detection of mines, IEDs and Emplaced Explosive ordinance

As the exercise now concludes, we’re proud to continue supporting the U.K. Armed Forces in innovating the next generation of equipment to keep our soldiers from harm.

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