Cobham showcasing innovations at AUSA Exhibition


Cobham showcasing innovations at Association of United States Army Exhibition

As the largest land warfare tradeshow in North America, the Association of United States Army Exhibition gives Cobham the opportunity to showcase our unique capabilities that ensure safety and security around the world. From deep space to the depths of the ocean, Cobham is a leading global technology and services innovator, respected for providing solutions to the most challenging problems.

Highlights of the show at Booth No. 8019 will include:

Cobham’s Mobile Aircrew Restraint System (MARS), which is easily adapted to existing or emerging aircrew harnesses or belts whilst ensuring increased safety and crew member survivability during a helicopter crash.

As a world leader in integrated Communications, Cobham will be showcasing its Integrated Communications Environment product range, allowing for users to streamline their communications systems without affecting performance or range in a complex and congested communications environment.

With an evolutionary software-defined radio design and modular architecture, our RT-7000 tactical radio suite of panel-mount radio, remote-mount radio and Remote Control Display Unit, gives maximum interoperability and full mission capability.

Our Ground-Penetrating Radar [GPR] detections systems, support Counter-IED and mine clearance operations around the world. These high-performance systems are designed for the most demanding requirements and include hand-held (dismounted), vehicle-based (mounted and stand-off) GPR detection products, ground robot and UAV mountable variants, as well as our innovative virtual reality training support systems.


With almost 30 years’ experience in developing antennas for niche requirements and demanding environments, Cobham’s range of antennas continue to help customers meet their ever changing needs. Extending coverage with wider frequency bands, higher power and niche frequency bands. The full range of antennas includes, Electronic Warfare; manpack; body-worn; vehicle mount; high power; UAV, counter-UAV and ground robot antennas applications, plus many more.

Cobham have the capability to provide our customers with the latest modular Anti-Jam GPS systems, providing up to 100 times more resilience to jamming for air, land and sea platforms.

Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions provide critical solutions, which protect and enhance the lives of Army personnel and those in Government services.

Come visit us at Booth No. 8019 and speak to our experts to learn more.

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