DSEI 2017

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12 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017
Excel, London, UK
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Come and see our technology breakthroughs at DSEI 2017

Cobham is a global organisation with a wide range of aerospace and defence capabilities. With more than 80 years in business, Cobham is a market leader with proven service as a supplier of choice delivering class leading capabilities, which will be demonstrated at the exhibition.

Cobham’s stand, S6 -150 will be open Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th Sept: 09:30 to 17:00 


Highlights of some of the technology that will feature on the stand:

From Cobham Mission Systems

  • Virtual Refuelling; a new simulation solution which can uniquely demonstrate accurate real-time hose and drogue behaviour in a simulated environment. The demonstrator on the stand will allow users to assume the role of a fighter pilot within a computer generated aerial refuelling scenario. They will experience how the hose and drogue would realistically respond in flight.

***New product launched this year, interview opportunities are available***

  • The Phantom parachutist system: designed for High Altitude Parachute Operations including HALO and HAHO missions, the Phantom Parachutist Oxygen System has become the US DoD system of choice. Cobham's customisable suite of life support equipment is designed to support the war fighter before, during and after the mission.

From Cobham Communications and Connectivity

  • The Anti-Jam GPS solution, recently launched at the Paris Air Show, is a stand-alone unit that can be installed or retro-fitted in fixed wing, rotary wing, UAV and space constrained land and marine platforms. Also on the stand will be our Direction Finding antennas and Countering the Unlawful Use of Drones solutions. 

***New product launched this year, interview opportunities are available***

  • For launch at DSEI, Cobham’s new Integrated Communications Environment (ICE) products optimise the performance of multiple radios operating simultaneously on a single platform. The new ICE products include a multi-radio interference cancellation system and new high-performance multi-port V/UHF antenna.

***New product launched at DSEI, interview opportunities are available***

  • Cobham is launching a new vehicle mast: Sky High. Cobham has delivered up to 50m mast systems around the world and the team will be on hand to talk to visitors about the masts in our portfolio. Cobham’s masts are designed to meet the most demanding requirements of transportable communications, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and broadcast systems.
  • World-leading slip rings from Cobham Aerospace Communications; the global supplier of slip rings, rotary joints, microwave and avionics solutions for civil and military applications. As the world leader for helicopter and military slip rings, Cobham supplies innovative solutions for a large variety of platforms, ranging from aerial vehicles, to main battle tanks, infantry vehicles, submarines and radars.

From Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions

  • Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) optimized airborne gimbal for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) applications. Cobham’s gimbal design and integration capability results in size and weight savings that are critical for unmanned applications. 

***New capability launched this year, interview opportunities are available***

  • E/J Band Sinuous Antenna: boasting superior polarization diversity over very wide bands. 

***New product launched this year, interview opportunities are available***

  • AV2140-1 UHF SATCOM & LOS On-The-Man On-The-Move Antenna. Cobham’s unique design enables enhanced mobility and omnidirectional connectivity.

 From Cobham Aviation Services

  • Cobham’s newly-launched Helicopter Academy offers a unique blend of military and commercial experience and expertise to deliver specialist helicopter services to a range of customers worldwide. As the provider of choice for helicopter services to the UK Ministry of Defence and other international operators, we offer over 20 years’ unparalleled experience, resources and flexibility for helicopter-based training.

***New business launched this year, interview opportunities are available***

  • Cobham’s Special Mission Team, who recently announced a teaming arrangement with Draken International to deliver operational readiness training solutions for the UK MoD Air Support to Defence Operational Training program, will be at DSEI. Combining state-of-the-art technology, platforms, systems and sensors, Cobham Special Mission deliver highly effective surveillance outcomes and military readiness training across the Live, Virtual and Constructive environment. And much more!

Subject matter experts will be available to discuss the products and services displayed or described as part of Cobham’s exhibit. If you have any specific media requests, please contact us to discuss these by calling +44 (0) 7702 140 809 or emailing

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