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A unique and bespoke designed in-house test course allows prototypes to be fully developed and tested prior to approval for series production.

The toughest requirements are placed on unmanned platforms; they need to be easy to operate, robust, light, flexible in use, and be able to overcome steep stairs and obstacles of all kinds.  The arms must be strong enough to move heavy weights and at the same time agile enough to operate in restricted space. The test environment is in place to ensure and expand these capabilities.  


The staging area can include a number of different ground surfaces, steps with various conditions and degrees of steepness.  In addition highly realistic conditions can be recreated to simulate possible operational environments such as an aircraft cabin, a complete office or a car.


This setting is used to optimise robot performance and prepare training instructors to:

  • Overcome obstacles of all types
  • Investigate cars
  • Search for suspicious objects in aircraft cabins and luggage lockers
  • Search and secure rooms

Identify objects in cramped conditions and poor light

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