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The telemax robot is the most versatile EOD / Hazmat robot available on the market today. It packs up small enough to fit in the back of a small SUV but is able to reach over 2,4m tall.


A four-track running gear has been used for the first time in a vehicle of this size, which offers superior mobility compared to other forms of running gear. This means that it can handle gradients of 45° or 100% without difficulty. It can overcome obstacles of up to half a meter in height without problems and also trenches of 60 cm in width.


The basic principle of 'less is more' applies with special forces if the situation involves working in confined spaces; in all cases where the big EOD robot cannot be used its little brother provides that vital distance between the bomb disposal engineer and the explosive device (IED, EOD, Bomb) that can mean the difference between life and death: in aircraft, in subways, in buses or other means of public transport.


Telemax Robot Key Features

The telemax has a unique set of features making it highly mobile and suitable for  operating in confined spaces; the four individually articulating tracks are controlled separately and can be moved individually in pairs or all together as desired. Additionally, an intelligent controller sets running gear configurations to cope with the relevant situation at the press of a button.


These features make it easier for the operator to control the vehicle, especially in tricky situations such as narrow stairways and high steps. Inclination sensors ensure that the robot always maintains its balance. If a travelling speed of 4 km/h is not enough, then the high speed version offers up to 10 km/h.


The operating concept of the telemax is almost revolutionary by comparison to other robots on the market. It is the only EOD robot in the world that has a so-called TCP controller. TCP stands here for Tool Center Point, the middle point of the tool, or more simply, the gripper or disruptor. This kind of manipulator control makes the telemax the best in class robot in manipulation.


telemax is the only robot in this class that has two tool magazines incorporated into the chassis. This means two additional tools / firing systems can be used on an operation without needing to go back to the starting point. The manipulator automatically takes out the additional tools at the simple press of a button.

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