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The NBCmax service robot is a universal mobile sensor platform that can be equipped with a broad palette of sensors to detect and investigate Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear explosives (CBRNe).

Not only bomb disposal engineers are exposed to a wide and varied range of hazards today. Rescue forces and first responders such as the fire service, technical rescue specialists or international aid forces increasingly find themselves in situations that involve an extremely high level of personal danger. This includes operations that involve hazardous materials, toxic substances or even biologically harmful materials such as viruses or bacteria. Once such substances have been released-whether through accidents or intentionally-the rescue forces are exposed to maximum danger if working manually.


The NBCmax has been developed to allow the response forces to inspect, and if applicable deal with hazards from a safe distance. The data collected, ranging from gas concentration and gamma radiation through to evidence of explosives, is transmitted back to the control panel of the robot to be processed by the operator.

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