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The ultimate upgrade: the XXL systems represent the pinnacle of what is possible today in the field of bomb disposal. Closely related to the XL class in terms of content, they provide crews with maximum space and superb passive protection.


As an option, the XXL series can be armoured (STANAG; B7) to protect an EOD team from roadside bombs and snipers while on the move or deployed at the scene. Both the driver's cab and the container feature state-of-the-art protection technology. Leaving nothing to chance, run-flat tires and a protected fuel tank are included as well as an armoured engine compartment and roof elements.



Typical Equipment*


Full complement of TEL640 equipment, plus:

  • Fragmentation protection for the driver's cab and container
  • Bullet-resistant windscreen, including protection from stones
  • Bullet-resistant brake system and fuel tank
  • Special run-flat tyres
  • Cable winch
  • Built-in loading ramp with automatic fold-out function
  • GPS navigation system
  • GSM and satellite telephone
  • Complete workstation with work bench
  • Separate workspace for EOD robot operators

*An example of options; Cobham's vehicles are always configured to meet specific client requirements.



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