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The TEL600 series is a family of vehicles which deal with the demanding tasks associated with the location, identification and removal of explosive and incendiary devices, especially in the event that there is suspicion of a dirty bomb.

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The range encompasses a compact Rapid Response (S) vehicle based on a fast four wheel drive (4X4) vehicle to take immediate action at the crime scene; medium-sized (M) search and detection vehicles for location and identification operations; and fully equipped IED / NBC response systems (L) weighing up to 8 tons.


The XL and XXL systems, based on medium-sized and heavy trucks, represent the highest standard in Bomb Disposal vehicles, providing security personnel with the optimum amount of equipment to cover every eventuality. Kit ranges from a simple hook and line set through to various EOD robots and unmanned reconnaissance platforms, all the way up to a NBC robot with a fully automatic system to take samples and investigate hazardous biological materials. Systems are made-to-order based on individual customer specifications.

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