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Designed for travellers to communicate with ease, choose EXPLORER 300 for the lightest, most compact EXPLORER BGAN terminal.


Perfectly formed

At only the size of a netbook and weighing just 1.4kg, EXPLORER 300 provides complete BGAN internet connectivity and voice calling wherever you are in the world. Its size makes it the ideal companion for business and adventure travellers. Whether visiting a remote pipeline or trekking through the jungle, EXPLORER 300 won't weigh you down.


Designed for simplicity

The EXPLORER 300 consists of a single unit - a transceiver with an integrated antenna, making setup and packing away a breeze, regardless of conditions. Because EXPLORER 300 is designed for simplicity, you can connect faster, ensuring that your important messages get through. Just connect your laptop or handset, point the antenna and you are ready to go.


Compact connectivity

It may be small in size, but EXPLORER 300 punches above its weight in terms of connectivity, offering up to 384kbps standard IP and up to 64kbps streaming. Send and receive email, browse the internet, access your VPN, stream video and audio, transfer files and utilise business critical IP applications. Who needs the office?



EXPLORER BGAN Series Portfolio

EXPLORER BGAN is a series of L-band satellite terminals utilizing the BGAN network from Inmarsat. An EXPLORER BGAN terminal offers a broadband connection and telephony service from anywhere in the world. Every terminal features easy set-up and operation. Simply connect a PC or phone, point the terminal towards a satellite using the compass and sound indicator, and you are instantly connected from anywhere in the world.

  EXPLORER BGAN Series (pdf 944Kb)


Mobile Satellite Communication Global Coverage - Global Access

In the middle of nowhere, poor connections, interrupted coverage and blind spots constantly jeopardize continuity of field operations. With EXPLORER terminals, utilizing Inmarsat's BGAN, professionals are always able to operate with reliable coverage anywhere in the world.

  Mobile Satellite Communication Brochure (pdf 404Kb)
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