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Providing an excellent light weight, Manual Fly-Away antenna solution with a 2 piece segmented reflector. The low profile pedestal design provides excellent performance and the complete system transports in two ruggedized shipping cases.


User-friendly solution

EXPLORER 3120 comes with a pre-assembled Tripod Base Mount and leveling feet for uneven surfaces. Its user-friendly design allows operators with little satellite experience to quickly set up and access network services. EXPLORER 3120 is both Intelsat and Eutelsat compliant.


EXPLORER VSAT Series Portfolio

Cobham SATCOM Land offers a diverse array of turn-key satellite terminals that fulfill critical communications needs and reduce system configuration requirements for end-users. The solutions we provide offer a wide variety of data rates in multiple frequency bands including Ku-, and Ka-bands. VSAT systems are available as manual, or Auto-Acquire configurations, and are organized in Drive-Away and Fly-Away. When traditional communication technologies are unavailable or fail, our EXPLORER VSAT terminals provide high quality VoIP, RoIP, FAX, data, and multimedia communications that work efficiently across satellite links.

  EXPLORER VSAT Series (pdf 1174Kb)


    EXPLORER 3120 Data Sheet

    Delivering a lightweight, yet rugged 3-axis solution for versatile multi-band VSAT operations. Choose EXPLORER 3120 for lower cost, hi...

     EXPLORER 3120 Data Sheet (PDF 146Kb)
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