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Smart, modular set-up, rapid deployment and secure positioning in any conditions; these versatile auto-deploy terminals will have you connected in minutes.

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Access any broadband application over satellite with a sophisticated range of easy-to-configure, modular terminals.


Providing connectivity in the most critical conditions - from defense and emergency response to media and remote office set-ups - these versatile Fly and Drive Auto-Deploy VSAT systems guarantee continuity of operations by enabling remote videoconferencing, IP and data services, voice, radio, fax and live streaming/broadcast. The controller has a built-in RF Tuner, Compass, GPS, and much more - meaning quick, easy and intuitive set-up in minutes.


You can even enjoy convenient remote configuration and monitor satellite performance via a user-friendly interface on your own PC, tablet or smartphone and have the reassurance of life-long operation with minimal regular maintenance.


EXPLORER VSAT Series Portfolio

Cobham SATCOM Land offers a diverse array of turn-key satellite terminals that fulfill critical communications needs and reduce system configuration requirements for end-users. The solutions we provide offer a wide variety of data rates in multiple frequency bands including Ku-, and Ka-bands. VSAT systems are available as manual, or Auto-Acquire configurations, and are organized in Drive-Away and Fly-Away. When traditional communication technologies are unavailable or fail, our EXPLORER VSAT terminals provide high quality VoIP, RoIP, FAX, data, and multimedia communications that work efficiently across satellite links.

  EXPLORER VSAT Series (pdf 1162Kb)
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